"Helping you acquire talent today for tomorrow's success"




Led by Managing Director, Carl Sirois, who has been providing clients with talent since 1989, Paragon Group delivers value and bottom line impact by:


  • Introducing candidates that create new market opportunities, deliver technical advancement  and sustained competitive advantage. 
  • Managing the candidate recruitment and transition process; reducing talent acquisition time
  • Introducing candidates with demonstrated, verifiable track records of success


"Throughout my tenure in the recruitment industry, I have been consistently recognized as one of the foremost recruiters nationally, specializing in the recruitment of senior management, technology and R&D, sales,  marketing,  and intellectual property disciplines."


 Areas of expertise include:


Webs and Fibers Technologies encompassing nonwovens, paper, films, and foils; natural, synthetic, metal and engineered fibers with applications in absorbent products, filtration, composites, building products, packaging, advance textiles and apparel


Digital Printing encompassing toner, ink jet and related technologies and materials; jetting applications including component and systems engineering, inks, and media substrates


Organic and Inorganic Materials encompassing application specific chemicals, metals, alloys for high performance plasma coatings, precious metal catalyst and electronic application compounds, metal oxide colorants/special effect pigments, minerals and pigments with applications in advanced manufacturing, adhesives, paints and coatings, inks, process aides, personal care and consumer products


Emerging Technologies Materials and Applications including Security Technology, (anti counterfeiting, covert materials, brand & product protection), OLED/PLED devices, MEMS, nano materials and fuel cells


Clients range from small emerging technology companies to Fortune 50 corporations with global recognition.


Retained assignments have included Vice Presidents of Marketing and Operations, Chief Patent Counsel, and Vice Presidents and Directors of Research and Development.


Contributor level assignments have focused on Sales and Marketing Executives, Patent Counsel, and Technical Research and Engineering disciplines such as Chemists, Physicists, Material Scientists, and Chemical and Mechanical Engineers.


Specialized assignments have included M&A Projects, Acquisition Candidate Identification, Human Resource Due Diligence Assessments, and Compensation Surveys, etc.


Completed assignments have been national and international in scope.


"Clients engaging my services benefit from years of industry knowledge and experience.  Additionally each client benefits from an innovative custom solution designed to maximize their investment while minimizing the time and effort required to acquire talent"






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